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How Turning Points in Your WorkLife can Create the Next Chapters of Your WorkLife Story & Discovering or Rediscovering Your WorkLife Purpose

Carmel is the speaker at this event, and will tell Turning Points Stories which led people to create the next chapters of their WorkLife Story: Real-Life Stories of WorkLife experiences that guided people to discovering or rediscovering their WorkLife purpose. 

She will pose questions for you to reflect upon, which will require you to think more deeply about turning points in your WorkLife. You will explore the practice of continuous self-feedback, and you will learn how to develop your story from your WorkLife experiences, in a way that is unique to you.  


To help you get the most from this event you will receive a simple, yet effective question for you to ponder on.


Having learnt the art of insightful self-questions, effective self-feedback, and how to tell the stories of your WorkLife chapters, you will be able to continue to develop your story by drawing from your unique turning points experiences to continuously refine your WorkLife purpose.


The event takes place on Tuesday 7th April 2020 from 18.45pm to 20.00pm at a central London venue. Tickets are from £27.54 – £38.32 IN THE INTEREST OF PUBLIC SAFETY THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED AND WILL BE RE-SCHEDULED FOR A LATER DATE – STAY SAFE AND WELL EVERYONE


Carmel runs workshops on each of the WorkLife chapters featured in her book. To view the topics go to the contents page inside the book: Your WorkLife Your Way. To discuss your WorkLife Learning and Development needs:


Carmel speaks on a wide-range of WorkLife Learning and Development topics. To find out more:

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