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Hello, I’m Carmel O’ Reilly. I’m a WorkLife Practitioner, Author and Founder of A WorkLife Journey

By WorkLife I mean our life at work, where we spend one third of our lives. I also mean the impact our work has on our life outside of work, and the impact our life outside of work has on our work. All areas of our life in and out of work are so intrinsically linked, they cannot be separated, nor should they be. I believe WorkLife needs to be considered holistically. This is a more definite description of what WorkLife means to me.

By Journey I mean the different stages of our WorkLife that we need to navigate through.

As a WorkLife Practitioner I coach individuals and groups. I develop and facilitate workshops. I speak and write on the subject of WorkLife. The focus of my work is to help people to be actively engaged in managing, developing and transitioning their WorkLives.

I love being a WorkLife Practitioner. I love that my profession allows me to immerse myself in the world of people’s learning and development, and that I get to participate in their WorkLife journeys.

I love that our WorkLives are journeys.

I love my own WorkLife journey. It’s taken me from Investment Banker to WorkLife Practitioner by way of stopping off at university along the way to gain my degree in Coaching Coaching and Management. I now help people navigate their WorkLife journeys, through good times and times of change and uncertainty.

I love that I can do this from a place of having changed direction myself – a place of understanding that comes from challenges, obstacles and successes I’ve encountered along the way. Together with experiences, knowledge and skills gained throughout my journey. All of which come from a place of exploration and discovery. I continue to learn through the amazing people I work with, from whom I draw inspiration everyday.

I love researching, exploring and discovering the most effective ways to help people navigate their WorkLife journeys.

I especially love creating resources: books, courses, workshops and guides to help people navigate their WorkLife. A WorkLife where people find meaning and motivation.

My Mission is: To help people pursue their WorkLives with greater clarity, passion, purpose and pride, by creating continuous WorkLife learning and development programmes that are accessible to everyone.

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A WorkLife Journey and WorkLife Incorporated are part of Carmel O’ Reilly Consultancy Services Ltd, Company Number 12174500

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