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Life After Redundancy What Next?

The Good News: With Creative Thinking and Strategic Planning, You Can Move to the Next Stage of Your Worklife with a Renewed Zest for Life It is disturbing for anyone to lose their job, particularly after years of service. During the current economic climate, a number of industries have been so severely impacted that people areContinue reading “Life After Redundancy What Next?”

My First Book Was Like a Cork From a Bottle

I Took Out That Cork and One Year Later I Had Published 2 Paperbacks, 27 E-Books and Was Working on My Next Paperback That’s 30 books! The First two paperbacks I self-published — Your WorkLife Your Way — the book and accompanying workbook. Why? Because I like to learn how to do things and self-publishing is a good wayContinue reading “My First Book Was Like a Cork From a Bottle”

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WorkLife Stories

The intention of this blog is to inspire you through people’s stories of their WorkLife experiences. Through these stories, you will learn about people’s dreams and ambitions, along with the challenges, obstacles, failures and successes they encountered along the road of their WorkLife journey.

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