I’m Carmel O’ Reilly, founder of WorkLife Incorporated. My work focuses on helping people to live their best WorkLives, by managing their learning, development and growth, through effective self-feedback, insightful questions and the ability to shape and tell their unique story.

Since 2003, I’ve worked as a WorkLife Consultant, helping people manage, develop and transition their WorkLives through people-development programmes. My degree is in Career Coaching and Management. My approach enables an understanding of skills, attributes, knowledge, experience and potential in line with values and motivators, to enable a more fulfilling WorkLife with a clear sense of direction.

Working with a team of actors I create WorkPlace Theatre: theatrical productions written following research into organisational challenges and desired outcomes. The plays form the centrepiece of learning and development, stimulating discussion and debate.

I work with organisations to create experiential learning designed for individuals and teams to create an environment where new ideas and ways of working are encouraged. Through programmes that combine learning and the arts, people are enabled to practice new skills and behaviours in a safe, supportive, creative and fun environment.

I am currently developing an online platform bringing learning, the arts and technology together to support individuals in their WorkLife development. This is in line with my Mission Statement:

“To spread the power of WorkLives lived with Passion, Purpose and Pride by creating continuous WorkLife development programmes that are accessible to everyone.” 

I’m Author of YOUR WORKLIFE YOUR WAY: MAKE YOUR WORKLIFE WORK FOR YOU (WORKLIFE INCORPORATED), speaker, workshop facilitator, blogger and podcaster on the subject of WorkLife.

I’m Jonathan Curry, although I was born and grew up in Britain, I have lived for many years in Cuba and Spain, writing and performing, curating exhibitions and promoting artists, researching the stories of the past and present, and dreaming of utopic and dystopic futures. Now based in London, I continue to combine my literary, performance and historical pursuits. As an actor, I have appeared on a number of London and regional stages, including solo shows of my own devising. I am heading up the audio-visual strategy of the Commodities of Empire British Academy Research Project at the University of London; and recently produced a documentary filmed in Cuba, Living Between Hurricanes, about climate, commodities and sustainability.”

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