The 3 Ps of WorkLife:

Purpose Passion and Persistence

Photo by Joao Cabral from Pexels

Real-life stories that are truly inspiring serve to remind us that success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes persistence, determination, and a lot of pulling ourselves back up. To get back to following our path, when we don’t know if and when it’s going to happen for us, while all the time remaining true to our purpose and passion.

In 2016 I saw the actress Denise Gough in People, Places and Things. Her performance was electrifying and was credited as the West End performance of the year.

I read afterwards that in 2012 when she received the Critics’ award for most promising newcomer, she respectively said she’d been around for ten years.

Despite the award, she then went on to have a period of one year before People, Places and Things, where she had no work. She applied for and didn’t get a cleaning job and was about to give up on her dream when it finally happened for her.

Was it a lucky break? NO, it was sheer persistence, determination, a lot of pulling herself back up to follow her path and stay true to her purpose and passion.

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I’m Carmel O’ Reilly, Founder of I’m the author Your WorkLife Your Way, blogger and podcaster on the subject of WorkLife. My work focuses on helping people to live their best WorkLives, by managing their learning, development and growth, through effective self-feedback, insightful self-questions and the ability to shape and tell their unique story. My Mission is: “To spread the power of WorkLives lived with Passion, Purpose and Pride by creating continuous WorkLife learning programmes that are accessible to everyone.”

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