WorkLife Book Of The Week: How To Embrace The Superpower Of Self-Awareness

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This week’s WorkLife Book of The Week is: How To Embrace The Superpower Of Self-Awareness 

This week’s WorkLife Story of The Week is: Imposter Syndrome

Bill’s story of how he was focusing on what he perceived to be his deficits and how through a colleague’s intervention he began to become more self-aware in recognising, appreciating and taking ownership of his natural skills and attributes.


Bill worked at a university, with responsibility for e-learning courses. He and his colleague Stephanie  were beginning to work on the module: Monthly Mastermind OnlineMeet Up. Key outcomes were to ensure students learnt the importance of questions in their learning, along with 


the importance of active listening and participating in online conversations. The problem was Bill didn’t get the theory behind all of this, and he felt he needed to. He was suffering from imposter syndrome: he was working at a university and he did not get the theory. He felt 


like a fraud, and was afraid of being exposed. So when Stephanie asked for his help, saying she really needed his skills, he blurted out: “My skills?” Stephanie: Your attributes: The way you interact with people so easily. This model helps networking skills, you’re a natural 


Bill was curious, he opened up about his imposter syndrome. Stephanie: But you’re so good at asking questions, getting people to open up, putting them at ease. Your gift is the gift of asking great questions. Bill: I hadn’t really thought of it like that. I’m just curious and 


interested in people. Stephanie: Which is perfect for this module. We want to help and encourage people to interact socially. We have such a diversity of people, so many different groups, and we somehow need to help them navigate these differences. You’re really good at this.


Bill was slowly beginning to become aware of what he had to offer in helping to develop these modules. He had become so consumed with his imposter syndrome that he had lost sight of this, or actually he had never had the realisation in the first place. Everything Stephanie said 


about his skills and attributes were things that came naturally to him, and because of this he had not given them much thought. He had not seen what other people saw in him. Now that his self-awareness had been awakened, he was beginning to see things in a different light. 

That’s a wrap on this week’s WorkLife Story of The Week:Imposter Syndrome, from the School Of WorkLife book: How To Embrace The Superpower Of Self-Awareness 

If you enjoyed Bill’s story, you may also like to learn about his full story, and the exercises that helped him recognise, appreciate and take ownership of his natural skills and attributes, along with the other stories and assignments in this week’s WorkLife Book of The Week: How To Embrace The Superpower Of Self-Awareness 

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