WorkLife Book Of The Week: How To Pursue The Superpower Of Happiness

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This week’s WorkLife Book of The Week is: How To Pursue The Superpower Of Happiness

This week’s WorkLife Story of The Week is: A Life Lived With ‘What If?

Wayne’s story of how a threat to his WorkLife happiness gave him the impetus to explore his “What If” when considering his options in knowing what to pursue next. 


Wayne was pretty happy with his WorkLife, he had a lot to be happy about. He lived a good and fulfilled life in many ways, but he also lived with a ‘What If?’ You see Wayne’s passion from a very young age was writing. He followed through with this, studying Creative Writing, but 


on completion of his degree he took a job in investment banking. His father was instrumental in his decision and choice of career, since he did not believe Wayne could get a ‘real’ job within the arts. He did not believe it would allow him to do well in life, to be a provider … 


Wayne was at a turning point in his life because of external influences: A takeover by a bank with a reputation for being aggressive in how it operated. Known to be ruthless in managing people, it was all about profit to the detriment of employees. He thought he had three options 


1: Accept the new job he’d been offered. 2: Look for another job. 3: Leave banking to pursue his passion for writing, to follow his ‘What If’. He bought time before making a decision on the job offer, during which he interviewed for a new job, and explored writing. He instantly 


connected with the people he interviewed with. He liked the ethos of this bank. He was open about not wanting to commute daily, and his other options. His exploration of writing as a new career path had allowed him to realise he was not ready for that, not yet anyway. He did know 


he wanted to bring writing back into his life, and to make time for this. To be in a position to explore it properly, he needed it to be more than just a hobby. He wanted it to be something that he committed to doing, and this led to a fourth option. The interviewers were open to


a compromise: consultancy work 3 days a week. Supporting businesses in their growth, allowing Wayne to draw upon his creativity to find solutions.The rest of his time he devoted to developing a collection of his writing. Wayne listened to his instinct in pursuit of his happiness. 

That’s a wrap on this week’s WorkLife Story of The Week: A Life Lived With ‘What If?, from the School Of WorkLife book: How To Pursue The Superpower Of Happiness

If you enjoyed Wayne’s story, you may also like to learn about his fuller story, and the exercises that helped in his pursuit of happiness, along with the other stories and assignments in this week’s WorkLife Book of The Week: How To Pursue The Superpower Of Happiness.

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I believe stories are a powerful mechanism for teaching, a powerful medium to learn through, and also a powerful way to communicate who you are and what you stand for.

I hope you enjoy the stories and find them helpful in navigating the chapters of your WorkLife story.

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