WorkLife Book Of The Week: How To Build Your True Personal Brand Identity

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This week’s WorkLife Book of The Week is: How To Build Your True Personal Brand Identity

This week’s WorkLife Story of The Week is: The Outside In

A collection of short stories of how style can allow identity, personality and uniqueness shine through. 


Joan was preparing for the interview stages of a significant career change. When she was selecting the clothes she would wear for the various stages of the process she met with a personal dresser who said she has never failed in dressing a client for success at interviews. 


Joan’s dresser went on to say that she was fascinated by identity, by how people, organisations and communities express who they are, and that clothes played an important role in designing their brand identity. The interviews were representative of the very different work environments … 


… across the world, where Joan’s work would take her: from a multi-cultural and community relations perspective. She wanted to be respectful of this, while retaining her own style. Joan’s dresser was true to her word, in helping her to Dress For Success in securing the role. 


Lila wore a pink tutu to her interview. It matched her pink hair. She considered it her lucky colour, and it brought her luck that day, as she got the job. Lila redefined what’s appropriate and goes by her own rules. Her unique style plays an important role in telling her story. 


The costume designer for The Good Wife spoke about the importance of each actor’s wardrobe in helping them develop their character and their story. He strived to have the wardrobe underscore what each actor was doing to help tell both the overall story and their personal story. 


It was important the wardrobe didn’t upstage or detract in any way, while at the same time it needed to get across a sense of who they were, allowing a glimpse into their personality. This is the same for people in their WorkLife today. People want to look the part and want to ..


…. be taken seriously, but they also want to allow their identity, personality and uniqueness to shine through. There are no good or bad ways of dressing. It’s about honouring and respecting who you are, it’s about being you, and expressing yourself in a way that’s best for you

That’s a wrap on this week’s WorkLife Story of The Week: The Outside In from the School Of WorkLife book: How To Build Your True Personal Brand Identity.

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