WorkLife Book Of The Week: How To Live True To Who You Really Are

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This week’s WorkLife Book Of The Week is: How To Live True To Who You Really Are.

This week’s WorkLife Story of The Week is: A Story Of Hidden Truth.

Mary’s story of keeping who she was outside of work hidden, and how when she finally shared her real truth, she was able to throw away the mask she wore every day


Mary was ready to move on from her organisation because it no longer inspired her. It was progressive commercially, but her internal fire for this type of organisation had burnt out. She felt she was putting on the mask of Chief Financial Officer, and not living her truth.


To facilitate her move Mary connected with head hunters, all of whom were eager to represent her. They were, however, considering her for organisations similar to the one she wanted to move on from, rather than taking time to understand what she could bring to new industries.


Mary was in part responsible for this. She is private about her life outside of work: her support of English heritage and animals in a voluntary capacity; her work with a small community in remote Africa, helping develop a sustainable business strategy for the community.


Mary began to share her life outside of work with Alex, a head hunter she really connected with, allowing him to see her true potential and understand what was important to her. Once she began to open up, she felt compelled to open the door to her full life – her full truth .


Alex eagerly put Mary forward for roles in organisations whose values were in line with hers. He recognised this would allow her to follow her purpose and live her truth. Of course, the organisation would benefit greatly by having someone with such great potential come on board. 


Mary interviewed, but was pipped at the post for a role in a charity that provided care for donkeys in developing countries. Although disappointed not to secure the role, the experience gave her the belief that she could transition into a sector that had more meaning for her.


Mary’s story has a happy ending. She secured a role within English heritage. She has thrown away her mask, and her face is shining through the vibrancy she is feeling from living her truth in her WorkLife every day. You  too can have an unrelenting commitment to your truth.

That’s a wrap on this week’s WorkLife Story of The Week: A Story Of Hidden Truth from the School Of WorkLife book: How To Live True To Who You Really Are.

If you enjoyed Mary’s story, you may also like to learn about her fuller story, and the exercises that helped her in having the courage she needed, in doing what was right for her, in honouring her truth of who she was in all areas of her WorkLife, along with the other stories and assignments in this week’s WorkLife Book of the Week: How To Live True To Who You Really Are.

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