WorkLife Book Of The Week: How To Use Your Purpose To Help Others

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This week’s WorkLife Book of The Week is: How To Use Your Purpose To Help Others.

This week’s WorkLife Story of The Week is: Discovering My WorkLife Purpose.

Carmel’s Story of how losing her job led her to a work assignment, which in turn led her to discovering her purpose at a later stage in her WorkLife. 


Carmel worked in finance for many years, and while she enjoyed it, she never really had a passion for it, and chose to work freelance. So when the bank decided to stop all contract work, and offered her a permanent position, she declined. It was the push she needed to move on.


While Carmel was figuring out what she wanted to do next, her friend asked her to deliver the job-search element of a programme she was teaching. Although she had no experience, her friend persuaded her that she just needed to take a common sense approach to delivering it.


With just two days to develop the course, then make a long journey to deliver it, Carmel barely slept. Although  anxious she did what she always did when she was out of her comfort zone: she over prepared, then she went with the flow. And it went amazingly, but …


While Carmel connected with the people attending. Because their spirit was low, she knew they needed to work through this before working on the practical sessions she had planned. So her plan went, but that was OK, having over prepared, she could  go where the flow took her.


Carmel got the group talking about their achievements: things forgotten about, or taken for granted, or never considered to be anything special. They all sat in awe listening to the amazing stories being shared, and through this realised how much they had to offer employers. 


As Carmel journeyed home, she was buzzing. She somehow knew this was what she was meant to do: to help people manage, develop and transition their WorkLife in line with what was important to them. She wasn’t able to define it exactly as that in that moment, that came in time.


There is a purpose within each of us. You may not necessarily have the full vision of your purpose, and that is OK. You just need to take one step and see where it takes you, and then the next. As you walk along your WorkLife path, you will gain clarity around your purpose.

That’s a wrap on this week’s WorkLife Story of The Week: Discovering My WorkLife Purpose, from the School Of WorkLife book: How To Use Your Purpose To Help Others.

If you enjoyed Carmel’ story, you may also like to learn about her fuller story, and the exercises that helped her in having the clarity she needed, in first understanding, then honouring her WorkLife purpose, along with the other stories and assignments in this week’s WorkLife Book of The Week: How To Use Your Purpose To Help Others.

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Come back next Sunday for next week’s Worklife Story of The Week: Finding His Vision And Motivated Abilities from the School Of WorkLife book: How To Drive Your Vision And Motivated Abilities.

Click on the above image to see a preview of what’s inside, along with the main ideas and the meaning behind these.

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The School of WorkLife book series are designed to help you manage your own WorkLife Learning.

Each book tells real WorkLife stories of the successes and challenges people encountered in their WorkLife. Each book also includes the exercises that helped navigate these situations, which are presented as assignments for you to work through.

The stories I share are based on real life WorkLife situations – case studies of the challenges and successes people experienced in navigating the chapters of their WorkLife Story.

I believe stories are a powerful mechanism for teaching, a powerful medium to learn through, and also a powerful way to communicate who you are and what you stand for.

I hope you enjoy the stories and find them helpful in navigating the chapters of your WorkLife story.

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