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Welcome to WorkLife Book Of The Week. Every week Monday through Sunday I serialise a story from the School of WorkLife book series. – There are 27 books in the series (so far), comprising of 109 stories. These stories are based on real life WorkLife situations – case studies of the successes and challenges people experienced in navigating the chapters of their WorkLife story.

I do this each day in under 280 characters – which I post across my social media channels – Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. Then at the end of each week, I bring all 7 posts together here as 1 blog post, which I also share on my podcast: WorkLife Book Wisdom.

I hope you enjoy the stories and find them helpful in navigating the chapters of your WorkLife story.

To view all the books in the School of WorkLife series click below: 

Coming soon: Week 1. Book of the Week: How To Make Your Values Matter from School of WorkLife: Story: A WorkLife Change is Needed when Values are Out of Sync: Ted’s story of going from Nuclear Research Engineer to Urbanisation Planner, in order to live his WorkLife with passion, purpose and pride.

Published by Carmel O' Reilly

I’m Carmel O’ Reilly, Founder of I’m the author Your WorkLife Your Way, blogger and podcaster on the subject of WorkLife. My work focuses on helping people to live their best WorkLives, by managing their learning, development and growth, through effective self-feedback, insightful self-questions and the ability to shape and tell their unique story. My Mission is: “To spread the power of WorkLives lived with Passion, Purpose and Pride by creating continuous WorkLife learning programmes that are accessible to everyone.”

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