My books represent my work as a WorkLife Practitioner. Since 2003 I’ve helped people manage, develop and transition their WorkLives in good times and times of change and uncertainty. I’ve achieved this by creating programmes that enable people to self-manage their own individual learning needs, through self-coaching, self-directing and self-leadership.

As a WorkLife Practitioner and Writer my work has grown entirely because of organic word of mouth referrals. If you believe my books would be helpful to people you know, I would appreciate if you would help to share my work. You can do this by clicking the link below to join School Of WorkLife Affiliate Programme. You will receive 30% commission on each book sold, as a thank you for helping me to continue to help people live their best WorkLife true to what is important to them.

The book format for this programme is PDF

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Published by Carmel O' Reilly

I’m Carmel O’ Reilly, Founder of I’m the author Your WorkLife Your Way, blogger and podcaster on the subject of WorkLife. My work focuses on helping people to live their best WorkLives, by managing their learning, development and growth, through effective self-feedback, insightful self-questions and the ability to shape and tell their unique story. My Mission is: “To spread the power of WorkLives lived with Passion, Purpose and Pride by creating continuous WorkLife learning programmes that are accessible to everyone.”

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