You should be Thankful to Have a Job

imagesOne of my clients relayed a conversation she had when she was chatting to someone in an industry that she wanted to get into. The woman asked why she wanted to move from where she was, when she had a perfectly good job and so many people were out of work, and said she should be thankful to have a job. It left my client feeling deflated and questioning her decision to want to make a career transition. We discussed the reasons why she initially deemed this transition to be important and she considered if these were still relevant and important and the answer was yes.

I always say to clients when they ask someone for their advice, opinion, feedback, they’ll feel obliged to give it . Then they need to figure out whether to take it on board or whether to think: well that may be good advice for someone else but in line with what’s important to me and knowing what I know about what I want to achieve in my work and life outside of work that’s not for me right now. I also think it’s important to surround ourselves with people who believe in us and also believe that change can take place even in the toughest of circumstances and who also believe change is good.

This conversation resonated with me because it’s one I have time and time again and actually had again yesterday with a client who is in a fantastic job but it’s not fulfilling for him anymore and so he’s considering a career change into an industry that is still in infancy stage and as a result will not have the stability and security he’s experiencing in his current industry.

In both cases a planned approach is needed, neither client wants to make a rash decision but equally they do want to move their career forward in a new direction. Both clients are extremely intelligent, resourceful and capable individuals and while I don’t know when the transition will take place for either of them, I do know they will make it happen and it will be from an informed standpoint which will facilitate their future success.

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